Hoptech International Co., Ltd.

The  Best  Hardware Parts Solution Provider.


Quality Policy:

We commit ourselves as a company and as individuals to provide products and services of the highest Quality and Standards. We will build and sustain an organization that is customer driven, professional and innovative where Quality is the hallmark of every operation.

          In order to achieve this we shall:

    1. Completely make clear and follow customer’s requirements.

    2. Describe clearly and accurately all activities performed.

    3. Provide accountability and traceability for each drawing and sample analyzed through proper computerizing and sample handling, labeling, preparation,  analysis, and reporting.

    4. Completely follow inspection procedures to ensure providing quality products.

    5. Continuously develop, improve and adapt technologies to attain better cost effectiveness and higher productivity.

    6. Develop highly motivated and skilled human resources imbued with a strong sense of values with emphasis continuous training and team work.

    7. Create a professional working environment that supports attainment of excellence and puts the customer first.

    8. Provide increased value for customer’s money, never forgetting that they are the reason for our jobs.

The goal of HOPTECH is to be the leader in high-quality and reliable supplier that provide the best value for our customers and contribute to our mutual success. We will accomplish this by providing products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of the customers today and tomorrow through our total commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do.

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